One Year

A few weeks ago, we celebrated being married for ONE WHOLE YEAR. Can you believe it? We made it! Phew. We took a trip up to Park City and it was wonderful. We kicked ourselves for not making it up there in the Summer more often. Park City is gorgeous in the Summer time! Anyway, now I will photo bomb you because I'm not feeling this writing stuff.

We were greeted with a welcome note, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling pear juice and herbal tea. They know how to cater their Mormon guests at Stein Eriksen.

I was infatuated with these mini condiments!

Mike and his farmer's tan having a swim.

Lunch time.

Post Alpine Slide.
We stayed at the Hyatt in Salt Lake on Saturday night.

Took a walk around Gateway and it happened to be the chalk art festival.

"Our church" on Sunday. We took a tour of the Conference Center and realized we take this building for granted. 

 We ended the weekend by walking around the place where we were married. Gush alert: I cherish our marriage above anything else. I feel so grateful to have the relationship that we have and to come home feeling so safe and loved everyday. If this year was "the hardest" then I'm definitely looking forward to what is to come.

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  1. Looks like an absolutely wonderful anniversary getaway! Congrats on 1 year of marriage!!