Birthday and Christmas Cheer

We had a lot of fun at our ward Christmas party. We even got to participate and dress up like Jesus time(s?)  This is not a picture of us, mind you. 
I was very impressed with the ceiling decor.
Another Utah game! This one was FREEZING. 
Thanks, Mama for the lovely cake! 
Happy Birthday to me!
We went to dinner at a restaurant named Fratelli for my birthday. We were greeted at the door by none other then Jerry Sloan! He was walking out while we were walking in. Our conversation went as follows:
Mike: "Hey, Jerry! How's it going?"
Jerry: "Hey pretty good, buddy!"
Wow. Profound words. We were definitely kicking ourselves for not asking for a picture. 
Birthday portrait.
After dinner, we went to the most intense tree lot I have ever seen! Mike decided he wants to start his own tree farm one day. This guy has some strange unique life goals.
They had PINK trees! And blue and purple and turquoise.  
Enjoying myself on this festive sleigh (birthday coat pictured here) not knowing that directly to the right of me there were...
Reindeer! Real, live reindeer! I told you this place was intense.
I forgot that reindeer actually exist. That they aren't some made up animal. Where exactly did this Christmas loving tree lot import these very bored reindeer from anyway? Let them fly back to the North Pole, you meanies!
My biggest birthday wish! A pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake from Sweet Tooth Fairy. Yum.
Christmas baking. 
Our very first Christmas tree! Mike was like a little kid. 
Further proof that my grandpa is darn cool. He also has the best collection of hats you will ever find.
I finally worked up the courage to give myself a little ombre hair coloring.
Busting a move in my Grandma's amazing silver pants she rocked in the 80s.
That goofy Jerry!
Just for fun: the many faces of my friends @ dinner.
Happy Christmas season! 


This guy...

is what I am grateful for.
This guy makes me laugh until the "monkey laugh" comes out. Which he loves.
This guy makes me feel like I can take on the world.
This guy never gets impatient with my annoying quirks.
This guy will talk me through every girly breakdown with so much love.
This guy I never get enough of.

This guy is my man.
I love him.


Life lately in pictures.

My first batch of homemade cinnamon rolls.

Conference morning set-up. TV & recipe.

Topped with this cream cheese frosting...again. I'm telling you, it is incredible.

In the middle of a brain freeze.

@ Jason's Deli.

We went to a Utah game. {Ignore the photo bomber}

They lost horribly.

We still enjoyed ourselves!


Daniel & Christine let us tag along to a Halloween party with them! We played the funnest game that I'm going to have to remember for future Halloween party reference. We dressed up as John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe. So scandalous.

Chicken nachos that I was pretty proud of.

We went to the Highland vs. East game in our rival clothing. East devoured Highland.

Pumpkin waffles!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies! The pumpkin madness is only getting started. We had pumpkin french toast for dinner last night.

On a little drive up the canyon.

My drag queen pumpkin.

Mmmm Smash Burger. I take only pictures of food. Let's work on that.

Oh, Jerry.

My two favorites.


My love affair with Image Skin Care

Anyone that has had a skin conversation with me recently knows that I'm pathetically obsessed with Image. When you find something that actually works, you just want to share your secret, ok? I've always been a skeptic about skin care products. I started out using stuff from the grocery store, then I tried Mary Kay because that's what my Mom used. I still had problems with my skin. Then I went to beauty school and was so excited to try some professional products on my skin. Although there was an improvement from what I was using before, none of the products made my skin look like it does now.

During one of the first few days I started my job at Image Medical Spa, I remember talking to the owner about what product line we used in school and she told me, "well, ours is better." I couldn't help but laugh a little bit because I heard that from every other company while I was in school.

It was a month and a half away from my wedding when I started working there and I was still having breakouts. I kept stressing myself out by thinking, 'if I have ONE zit on my face on my wedding day, I will NOT get married.' Ok, probably not but I would be mortified if I woke up with any sort of imperfection that day. Just that one day, please? I won't ask for anything ever again! So I started using the Image products, and like everything else, the first couple weeks I didn't see any major changes. Sometimes your skin has to get worse before it gets better. After about 3 weeks, my skin was CLEAR. So clear. I didn't even have to think about zits on my wedding day because it wasn't a concern. I have been using it and loving it more and more ever since. I can honestly tell you I have maybe had a total of 6 little pimples since it cleared up my skin. That is incredible. Now that I don't have to focus on the acne, I've been able to use products that benefit my skin in the aging process. Start now, ladies! And Gents. Mike even uses it...

As much as this might sound like a sales pitch, the fact of the matter is I really just find so much joy in talking about Image because it actually WORKS. Not like how Proactiv ACTUALLY WORKS. That's crap. I've tried it.

I'll show you some of the products. Yay :)

Ageless. Everything you need to age beautifully.

Vital C. This is for all of the dry and sensitive types. Meaning your skin not your personality.

ClearCell. To get rid of the acne. HI-YA!

Ormedic. The all organic line. Yum.

Daily Defense. Moisturizers with SPF. If you are not wearing an SPF every day then start! You'll thank me. Yes, even in the winter.

Body Spa. Because your other skin needs some lovin' too.

You don't have to stick with one line in particular. I use products from every single line. Can't get enough! I kind of feel like this guy...
Only replace the pumpkin things with Image products. Scratch that. Just add the Image to the pumpkin things. MMMmmm pumpkin.

If my super excited post was enough to make you want to try it, feel free to hit me up. I can usually get some sample sizes if you would like to test it out first.


Halloween AnXieTy..

Disclaimer: this was written before Amanda Taylor posted her Halloween Costume Anxiety post. We got a good laugh at the irony. 

I have been struggling with a major case "No Halloween Costume Anxiety" lately. It came on quite early this year. It doesn't usually kick in until it is 2 weeks before Halloween and I haven't put any serious thought in. I think the reason that it came on so early this year is because I not only have to worry about ONE costume, I have to think of TWO costumes. Couples costume!
So, I'm picky. I just love dressing up so much! I don't want to be something too cliche.

 {football player & cheerleader-we won't mention that Mike for real suggested this when I asked him.}

Nor do I want to be something tacky. 

{bacon and eggs-come on, really?} 

I've never had a desire to dress up as something scary. I was a witch in 3rd grade and my mom made me wear this hideous fake witch nose to school. I took it off the second I walked in the doors. Little did I know, my mom decided to come watch the costume parade and she yelled at me to "put on the nose!" I was mortified. Now that I think about it, that's probably when my nose complex started! Thanks, Mom.
Anyway, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane- Halloween Edition. Maybe to get the creative costume juices flowing.