About that time.

Well, we're engaged so I guess that means we need to have a blog now! I'm pretty excited to join this world of crazy bloggers. Fiance and I have been engaged for one month and 13 days and we have 200 days until our wedding. Yes, we know. "Wow, that's a long engagement," "are you going to make it that long?" That seems to be our plan so let the countdown begin!

October 17, 2010.
This day seemed to be going extraordinarily normal. Started with church, lounging at my house, dinner at Mike's with his parents. It wasn't until after dinner that things started to get interesting. Mike and I were sitting downstairs with a handful of his nieces and nephews when his phone rang and I heard my Dad's panicked voice, "Mike!" Mike got up and walked into the other room for a few seconds before he returned and said, "Liz! A sprinkler pipe at your house just broke and it's flooding your basement, we have to go right now." I obeyed and began to put my boots on rather casually when he repeated,"Right now!" OK, ok. He's normally not this pushy. We rushed out of his house, into his car and sped to my house. I have no idea how he kept his cool throughout this. Mike is not the greatest liar/actor. Not that I'm complaining. So when we got to my house, he opened the garage door parent's cars are gone. What? Why would they leave if the basement is flooding?! (How did I not catch on?) We go inside, he rushes out the door onto the deck while I take my sweet time putting my stuff on the counter. When I finally make it to the door, I look out and see Mike smiling at me and a beautiful framed picture of the Salt Lake temple sitting at end of the deck. (Immediate thought: Are they taking things out of the basement because of the flood?) I look up and all around the deck railing are lit candles. I look to my right and there are pictures of us with candles burning underneath. It hit me all at once what was going on. I felt as though the wind was knocked out of me. Mike said he had never seen that reaction out of me. He took my hand and led me down the stairs into the yard where our families had put lights up in all of our cute new trees. Along with candles all around the yard and a bench underneath the apple tree. He walked me to the bench and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He's so cute. Of course I said yes. We celebrated and basked in the moment for a while before he told me he had a couple more surprises for me. Our friend's James and Kelly walked out of my house and came down to take some pictures of us. After that we went inside where he had a video slideshow of pictures of the two of us. This is where I just lost it! The tears were irrepressible! The rest of the night was spent celebrating with family and friends until late hours before we eventually crashed in our beds from over exhaustion of all the excitement. My fiance is remarkably romantic and I couldn't have asked for a better proposal. 


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