It won't be long yeah!

I know this is a little overdue's two-thousand and eleven! Woo hoo! This is our year. The one we will always remember and refer back to. Four months may sound like a long time to you but I cannot believe how fast time is going. FOUR months! 138 days. Being in this weird between school and job searching limbo, I've had quite a bit of time to think about wedding plans. Not to mention stalk wedding blogs for hours... I've actually made a few major decisions on my own! Huge for me. I decided on a color scheme, have a solid vision of the entire theme, found a wonderful solution to my dress alteration and have met and talked with some pretty great people that have inspired me. Believe it or not, wedding planning is not always fun. There are so many different opinions being thrown at you that it's easy to forget what YOU really want. I have changed my entire outlook of the process. The most important detail is that I'm being sealed to my Mikey. Despite what may happen, that day is going to be perfect.


  1. we should celebrate :) and do some planning or some crafty decorations

  2. I would love that SO much. I already have some ideas in mind :) You're the best, Christiney!