A minor case of nostalgia.

This was my favorite Christmas song this year. 
I can't believe this is the last Christmas that I will be waking up in my little bed, running upstairs to wish my parents Merry Christmas, and walking side by side with my brother into the living room to see if the "fat man came." (See song above.) 
Here's to one last childhood Christmas! 


  1. let me share my thoughts with you:
    (play song)
    "black man's comin'...? naw, it cant be!"

    "Batman's comin'...? hmm.. strange for a Christmas song."

    (read post) "ooohh, I get it. fat man's comin'. that makes more sense."

    PS: the best part about Christmas is still going to my parents house for presents... it's just not quite as exciting with two people.

  2. aw this makes me miss christmas. i love your blog's header by the way!