Here I go...

Well, hello blogger! Haven't seen you in while. I've been spending most of my internet time here and here. So lets give this a try again.
Last Thursday we went to a Bees game courtesy of my generous Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue. (Aren't those the best names ever? Never thought too much about it until recently.)
I think of Bees games as a great place to go and chat with friends and family. Do I ever know what is going on in the game? No. Do I really care to know? Not really. But it's still fun!
Picture quality is not guaranteed as they were taken on my phone...

I kind of love how goofy Mike looks here:

We won sour patch kids in the raffle. If you don't believe me, check our sour faces here:

Here is G-pa Moore taking his picture with the Bee:

I have the cutest Grandpa. For further proof:

Side note, Saturday I drove down to Provo with my Dad to look at some real estate and to try one of these masterpieces.

It's a J-Dawg. Don't think it looks that great? I dare you to try one and tell me it is not the best hot dog experience you have ever had. The SAUCE. I was a sceptic. I don't even really enjoy hot dogs normally. But O.M.G....

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