A suprise mini trip

Mike has known how much I've always wanted to go to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado and last week, he made it a reality! He suprised me with tickets to Death Cab for Cutie. A little background on my Death Cab past; before Red Rocks, I had seen them live 3 times. Somehow at every show I managed to be front row. Whether I weasled my way through the sweaty crowd to get there, or because of a die hard brother who sat in line on a hot summer day for seven hours. For this fourth show, I wasn't expecting to have that kind of luck. I was so excited to experience the venue that the location of our seats was obsolete. Although I did think about how great it would be to be able to say I was front row for a 4th time! Well, it happened and it was hands down the best front row experience! There was no standing in a, I repeat sweaty, squished pit. We were front row and we actually got to SIT and enjoy.

The sound was unlike anything I've ever heard. This place is inbetween two giant rock formations which make for some amazing acoustics.

My husband. Oh, that boy is so amazing. Even though Death Cab is not necessarily his thing, he had such a good time! He took it all in with me and learned why I appreciate that kind of stuff.

One thing I've learned so far in our short marriage, even if you don't share the same passion for certain activities, going along and being a part of the experience with your spouse is one of the greatest ways to show love. Make an effort to understand why they enjoy the things they do. Mike gets a giant gold star for this!
I did my best to return the favor by going to a Colorado Rockies game the next day. From my previous post, you know baseball is something I haven't exactly learned to love. But I love my man and I owed him pretty big! Major league baseball is at least a bit more exciting than a Bees game.

This guy thought Mike was taking a picture of him...

Other activities we enjoyed included walking around downtown Denver.

Eating the most Denverish food we could find. We tried SO hard to find something Denver authentic. We probably walked an extra 3 miles every time we looked for a restaurant. We found pizza and we found a Barbacoa-like Qdoba. 

One quick morning by the pool with lots of sunscreen. 
And this guy's hair.

Our ghetto but trying to be an upscale hotel, hotel.

Our Mountain Dews that got us through the long drive there and back. 

Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure. It's the only song that doesn't sound like crrrrrrrrrfffssssrrrrrrrrrssssffff on the recording. 

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  1. so jealous! ben gibbard has the cutest voice! last time I saw these guys was....7 yrs does that make me feel old...