Our Month in Pictures

Since I've been a major slacker on the whole blogger thing, I decided I would post our last months worth of pictures taken with my phone. So here we GOOOO!

My spikey cake I made for Gpa's Birthday using this frosting recipe. SO GOOD.

This is what being in Wisconsin ALL Summer and not getting one haircut or shaving looks like.

This is what Liz cutting a bowl cut on her poor brother looks like. 

Ombre nails. I'm ombre obsessed!

Woke up to this lovely surprise one morning.

Papa Jerry turned 52!

Wore this just to make husband's day.

Only @ the fair.

Trading sunglasses on our way to dinner.

Thought I was 200 years in the future when I saw this house driving next to me on the freeway.

Andrea's head poking through the face hole in my new facial bed. 

We tried Pat's BBQ one night.

Almost couldn't bare to eat their food after seeing a giant pile of animal remains on the side of the building.

But I ate it anyway! My favorite part of the meal was the cornbread croutons on my salad. MMMmm.

Tried out a new fall makeup palette. Inspiration found here.

I know this doesn't look ANYTHING like it is supposed to look, but this egg in a ham cup thing is quite tasty. 

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